Do You Want To Be Healed?

Those who wish themselves to be sick cannot be healed even by God. This is a strange question, “do you want to be healed?” Jesus asked this question before healing people. He particularly asked this question to the paralyzed man lying by the side of the pool for thirty eight years. I wondered why Jesus … Read more

Not Hands But Hearts

Amend the ways, and you will know why you struggle to go ahead! During the Governorship of PONTIUS PILATE, there was a man named Jesus the Nazarene. A few people, out of sheer jealousy and revenge, conspired against him and at one night seized, tied up like a bandit and produced him in front of … Read more

The Lord’s Prayer Poem

Our Heavenly Father above, Creator of love Holy and Sacred is Your Name Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done As it is in heaven be it on earth the same I need to be Holy Spirit led and spiritually fed Only You can help me understand and see Help my pride erase to give … Read more

Video On Fasting

It doesn’t have to be just fasting from food, it can be from anything that you really want to do. Many people choose different things to fast from. Some from food, others watching TV, some Internet, others hobbies. No matter what you chose to fast from, so long as you mean the sacrifice of time … Read more