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February 2nd, 2011

Kester Malayalam Christian Songs

Kester Malayalam Christian Songs

Malayalam Christian Songs by Kester, the famous devotional singer.

1. Israeley Sthuthichidukaa by Kester

Israeley Sthuthichidukaa by Kester

2. Jeevitha Vedhiyil by Kester

Jeevitha Vedhiyil by Kester

3. Ninte Thakarchayil by Kester

Ninte Thakarchayil by Kester

4. Nithya Snehathal by Kester

Nithya Snehathal by Kester

5. Pettamma Marannalum by Kester

Pettamma Marannalum by Kester

Five devotional songs in Malayalam sung by Kester is given in this song set. They are Israeley Sthuthichidukaa, Jeevitha Vedhiyil, Ninte Thakarchayil, Nithya Snehathal and Pettamma Marannalum. I cant pick a favorite this time from this set of 5 songs as all the five are superb Christian songs by Kester. Please play all the 5 Malayalam Christian songs given in this post.

We are very grateful to Mr. Bijoy Varghese, who took his time and uploaded these Kester songs to TBTG using the new Upload Your Files feature made available here, one week ago. He is adding more files so that we can share that too with you all. I hope this will inspire more and more people to share any good Christian material that they have, among all the other readers of this Christian blog.

So friends, if you have anything useful for a Christian’s life, please upload the files now.

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February 1st, 2011

Why Pray For The Departed Souls

Prayer For Departed Souls

Prayers for the departed souls is as important as oxygen for the living.

Anyone of us could die suddenly and find ourselves stranded on the lost continent of purgatory. Scripture tells us that our lives are like a flower of the field, like grass which flowers in the morning and grows dry and withers in the evening. Our Lady of Medjugorje also reminds us of the quickness of the passage of life; “Everything is passing, little children; only God is not passing.”

Pope John Paul II defined purgatory like this: “Every trace of attachment to evil must be eliminated, every imperfection of the soul corrected. Purification must be complete, and indeed this precisely what is meant by the Church’s teaching on purgatory.” To achieve this we must pray. We have this tremendous energy in us and prayer gets us in touch with that energy.

Prayer unleashes souls from purgatory through the Mass, the highest form of prayer.

In Rome there is a Church called the Church of the Suffering Souls. In that Church there is a small museum with relics from souls who touched objects and scorched them to show the purifying spiritual fires (and to indicate the desperate need for our Masses to move them on to Heaven). Every relic has a story. Every story has the same theme. Purgatory exists, and they were in desperate need of Masses. Once the soul leaves the body all merits ceases. For the poor souls their work does not count. It is penal labor – a wearing out of one’s self without any effect. Their efforts obtain nothing. It flows, yet dries up as a river in the sand. Such is the life of the poor souls in purgatory.

At wakes do we hear the need to pray for the souls of our loved ones? We must remember that our faith requires our prayers to help our loved ones join the house of the Lord. Very few of us have souls free from defects — but with our prayers we can create a soul without blemish. Pope Benedict XVI stated that “if we did not have the doctrine of purgatory we would need to invent it!”

Do we have time for our departed loved ones? Do we have time to help our friends reach high places before the throne of God? You can help them. They are poor you are rich. The can do nothing for themselves; you can do everything for them. They can no longer assist at holy Mass and cleanse themselves in the Blood of Christ; you can offer the holy sacrifice and Christ’s Precious Blood for them. They can no longer eat the Bread of Life; you can receive it for them in Holy Communion. They can no longer perform good works or pay their debt by giving alms; you can do it for them! They can no longer draw from graces of the church you can apply your indulgences to them. Your prayers descend to them like refreshing dew and speed them home to Heaven.

Even though the holy souls can do nothing for themselves, they can do much for us once they enter the gate of heaven. Oh, how we need that prayer in the dangers and troubles of this life; and how we shall long for their prayers when we may have to languish in purgatory.

Our Lady of Medjugorje told visionary Mirjana that in Purgatory there are several levels. The more you pray on earth, the higher your level in purgatory will be. The lowest level is closest to hell where the suffering is the most intense. The highest level is closest to Heaven and there the sufferings are the least.

Goto Prayer for Souls in Purgatory

– – – written by Susan Tassone

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