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December 30th, 2010

2011 Wallpapers

2011 wallpapers are given above. There are 12 high resolution 2011 wallpapers given here. Year 2011 is near. After a couple of days, we enter 2011. Take this gift of some 12 cool 2011 wallpapers for your computer desktop. Set them as your computer wallpaper in this new year eve.

We are in the last days of 2010. Take a quick look back to this year. What all do you see? Successes, failures, pitfalls, sorrows – you had many of these in the year 2010. But most important is what you learnt from this year? What all lessons you can carry forward to the next year which will help you to be a better human being, a better person, a better Christian?

Do a through check. Read your 2010 diary. Make a list of all these lessons so that the next year 2011 will be a more blessed, happier one for each one of you and that you reach closer to your creator in the year 2011. God Bless You All. Happy New Year to all TBTG readers.

December 29th, 2010

I Was Born In Your Life, Jesus says

Jesus was born in Your Life

I was born naked, Jesus says,
So that you would know how to be stripped of yourself.
I was born poor,
so that you would consider me your only treasure.
I was born in a stable
So that you would learn how to sanctify every environment.
I was born weak, Jesus says
So that you would have no fear of me.
I was born for love
So that you would never doubt my love.
I was born in the night
So that you may believe that I am able to enlighten every reality.
I was born a human, Jesus says,
So that you would never be embarrassed to be yourself.
I was born human
So that you would be able to be divine.
I was born persecuted
So that you would be able to accept difficulties.
I was born in simplicity so that you would stop being complicated.
I was born in your life, Jesus says,
In order to bring all into my Father’s house!

– – – written by Lambert Noben

December 28th, 2010

Malayalam Christian Songs – Set 16


1. Kannuneer Thaaivarayil

Kannuneer Thaaivarayil

2. Kaycha Vaykkunnithaa

Kaycha Vaykkunnithaa

3. Nattucha Nerathu Kinarinte

Nattucha Nerathu Kinarinte

4. Nithya Sahaaya Maathaave

Nithya Sahaaya Maathaave

5. Paarile Dhanyayaam

Paarile Dhanyayaam

Hear the 5 old malayalam Christian songs given above. They are very old but superhit christian mallu MP3 songs. They are Kannuneer Thaaivarayil, Kaycha Vaykkunnithaa, Nattucha Nerathu Kinarinte, Nithya Sahaaya Maathaave and Paarile Dhanyayaam. My personal favourite among these is Kaycha Vaykkunnithaa. Its really a wonderful song with great meaning in its lyrics.

All the other songs are also great to hear and very ideal for your prayer. We will be updating our malayalam christian songs section at TBTG regularly. So keep checking back frequently. As for now, hear these 5 old mallu christian songs – Kannuneer Thaaivarayil, Kaycha Vaykkunnithaa, Nattucha Nerathu Kinarinte, Nithya Sahaaya Maathaave and Paarile Dhanyayaam.

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