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September 23rd, 2009

Poem : Tribute to a Medical Missionary

Medical Missonary Prays Over Teenage Mother and Child

You’re an Angel sent from God
For the suffering souls of earth
Who have seen no ray of hope
Nor believe in their great worth

Yet throughout your earthly life
There’s a gift you give to them
As you travel far and wide
Your bring oil from Bethlehem

See the oil upon your hands
Has been sent from up above
As God’s spirit moves in thee
You’re a portrait of his love

It’s the gift of love you give
That instills in them great hope
As you sacrifice your life
Way beyond your earthly scope

For your eyes don’t see disease
In the way that others do
All your fears are cast aside
It’s the gift God’s given you

And within your heart there lives
An Angelical desire
Reaching out to suffering souls
Is a drive that does not tire

It’s this drive within your heart
That does make you so unique
As you strive to do God’s work
Ever most his will you seek

And to honor your hard work
All the Angels have prepared
An Angelical delight
For the souls that you have spared

Yes above this earth lit sky
There’s a tribute in God’s home
That reflects your precious work
Known as heaven’s Harvest Dome

Harvest Dome is made of gold
Listing all the souls you’ve saved
A reflection of God’s heart
For The Golden Road You’ve Paved.

– – – written by E.V. Stankowski

About the Author: E.V. Stankowski is a RN of 22 years. She has written the “Angel of Mercy Collection”, a series of nursing tributes / nursing poetry designed to commend our nurses for their unique roles.

September 22nd, 2009

Words Of An Angel

Christ Supported by an Angel

May the angels keep you till morning.

May they guide you through the night.

May they comfort all your sorrows.

May they help you win the fight.

May they keep watch on your soul.

May they show you better ways.

May they guard you while you’re sleeping.

May they see you through your days.

May they show you new hopes.

May they still your every doubt.

May they calm your every fear.

May they hear you when you shout.

May the angels keep you til morning.

More than this I cannot pray.

And if the angels ever fail you.

Then may God be there that day.

September 21st, 2009

Jesus Christ Wallpaper sized images – Pic set 22

See the 16 new wallpapers of our Lord Jesus Christ, given above.

Wallpapers of Jesus Christ are all over the Internet. But still we look everyday for some new pictures of our lord. Its natural because each picture of Jesus has an effect on us, to change us, to make us remember what he did for us, to make us turn away from sins we were going to commit. So God will continue to bless people in wonderful ways so that they will be able to draw/create even more wonderful images of our Lord, until worlds end.

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