Jesus and Mary Pictures

Above given are several Jesus and Mary pictures. Most of them have baby Jesus in them with His mother Mary. Click on any thumbnail for the original pic. As we know how blessed Mother Mary and Jesus are. Jesus is the son of God and God himself. Mother Mary, the virgin chosen by God almighty … Read more

Invocation of Saint George

Faithful servant of God and invincible martyr, Saint George; favoured by God with the gift of faith, and inflamed with an ardent love of Christ, thou didst fight valiantly against the dragon of pride, falsehood, and deceit. Neither pain nor torture, sword nor death could part thee from the love of Christ. I fervently implore … Read more

Healing Prayer

Here is a wonderful Healing Prayer. Go through this prayer for healing. Jesus, You are the Son of the Living God. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Yes Lord, you are the source of my life. Therefore healing is with you more than with any one else. “There is salvation in no … Read more