St. Christopher, Christ-bearer

PATRON SAINT OF: against lightning, against pestilence archers, automobile drivers, automobilists, bachelors, Baden, Germany, boatmen, bookbinders, Brunswick, Germany, bus drivers, cab drivers, epilepsy, epileptics, floods, fruit dealers, fullers, gardeners, hailstorms, holy death, lightning, lorry drivers, mariners, market carriers, Mecklenburg, Germany motorists, pestilence, porters, Rab Croatia, sailors, Saint Christopher’s Island, Saint Kitts, storms, sudden death, taxi … Read more

World Youth Day, Sydney

Sydney has never seen anything like it since the Olympics. Not even that event, however, could match the spectacle of a papal ‘boatacade’ gliding past the bridge and the opera house to deliver Pope Benedict into the cheering embrace of 200,000 young people from around the world. The Pope’s arrival at World Youth Day had … Read more