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October 22nd, 2010

Lifehouse Everything Video

Watch Lifehouse Everything video given above. Super skit ever.

Amazing Drama so powerful and so true. Jesus is all we need, Jesus is waiting on us to come to him. We get beat down by the world and the lies of this world. When we find Jesus and find the truth there is nothing like it. Not only the joy of finding Jesus but hearing his voice and knowing Him is so amazing. And the strength of His spirit is so awesome, I mean once you know Jesus you can go through ANYTHING. Do anything you want, who cares! I got JESUS!!!

God trying to save us from the arms of evil..( the sinful ways of life) but then its hard to let go of our bad deeds because of the demons who keep on holding us back. But then if u keep your faith in God, you will finally break through to the wonderful way of living with God’s help. But then sinful world would be calling for you and thats the part where God covers us from evil when we go down on our knees praying to GOD for Help.  so.. 4:55… that also shows just how much he loves us.. and afterwards you will be a free person. Thank God.

Want to see the original version? – Goto the best skit I have ever seen

October 19th, 2010

Jesus Youth Jubilee Theme Song

Jesus Youth Jubilee Theme Song – English


We hear the sound of a multitude rising
Deep down within there’s a new song arising
The time is now
Sing out your joy
Renewed in the Spirit we’re breaking all borders
Refined in the fire we’re reaching out higher
The time is now
Sing out your joy

We sing together
Jesus is King
Our sole life giver
To you we cling
Come reign forever
Praises we bring
And sing for Joy
Radiant in love

We are the people, anointed and chosen
We are the prophets, a new generation
A righteous and holy nation sounding his praise
(Forever and ever and ever He reigns on high…)
He is the maker the Lord of creation
His resurrection is our celebration
And now filled with his power and grace
Refined, Renewed, In Him
Shine Out!

Out of the formless you fashioned creation
And out of the void you have made us a nation
The time is now
Sing out your Joy
Down through the valleys of sorrow and darkness
You journey beside us and lead us to brightness
The time is now
Sing out your Joy

October 18th, 2010

Video : Drive Safe – No Speeding

Watch the touching video given above. Its about the effects of speeding on road. If you feel anything after seeing this video, then please, please remember this the next time you make your grip on that driving wheel.

Download the Video here

Please drive safe. Its for yours as well as others safety on road.

When you are holding that wheel in your car, you have a huge responsibility. You are responsible for your life, for the lives of those on the car with you and for the lives of all those innocent people on the road, who had never done anything wrong to you. Be aware of this huge responsibility whenever you sit in that driving seat.

Speeding. No one thinks big of you.

Don’t drink and drive.

Use your seat-belts.

Obey traffic rules.

Pray every time before you start your engine.

I am sure you never want to kill those innocent people while doing your show-off on the road. Beware, their life is in your hands. Together with the power of being the driver, you have huge responsibility too.

Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.

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