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January 10th, 2010

We need to face 2010

2010 cat pic 01

2009 is going to finish

2010 cat pic 02

Now, we need to face 2010

2010 cat pic 03

There may be risks involved

2010 cat pic 04

We may need to face roadblocks

2010 cat pic 05

So stay alert

2010 cat pic 06

Share time with friends

2010 cat pic 07

Jump over obstacles

2010 cat pic 08

With care

2010 cat pic 09

And caution

2010 cat pic 10

Face challenges

2010 cat pic 11

Remember to laugh

2010 cat pic 12


2010 cat pic 13


2010 cat pic 14

Make new friends

2010 cat pic 15

Above ready for adventure

2010 cat pic 16

Stick together

2010 cat pic 17

And you will be able to go far

2010 cat pic 18

Very far.....

2010 cat pic 19

Well, not quite that far....

2010 cat pic 20

Always take time to smell the flowers

2010 cat pic 21

Don't forget to relax and enjoy

2010 cat pic 22

And dont forget those who like u very much

January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

happy new year 2010

There’s a funny story about two buckets that used to draw water from a well.

One bucket would go down to the well murmuring, “Oh, here I go again! I hate this job. I am afraid of going into this deep well; what if I fall off this rope! Carrying the water up from the well is a tough job. No one understands what I am going through inside this well. Everyone loves to drink the water I carry, but no one loves me!!”

But the other bucket had a different confession to make. Every time it goes down the well, it screams, “Wow! Here I go! I love going down. I delight fetching water up for those waiting out there. I enjoy watching people drinking water and quenching their thirst. I love this job!”

Like this story, there are two ways to walk into the New Year 2010. One is to enter in with your old baggage loaded with thoughts of anxiety and pain from the previous year. Or you could walk in with a new bag full of hope and expectation, trusting in the Lord of the ages and His promises.

Media may predict that world’s problems would intensify in 2010. But a person who follows Jesus Christ has a different statement to make, “I arise and shine because my Lord reigns over all!”

Every year is a fresh start that the Lord gives you. And His desire for you is to experience glorious living! That’s what Ephesians 1:11-12 (The Message Bible) says, “Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living…”

God has designed us to be victorious and productive in spirit, soul and body. We are designed to enjoy and live in spiritual, material, emotional, physical and relational abundance.

Lack of any sort isn’t God’s will for His people. That’s why David boldly proclaimed in Psalm 23:1 (Amplified Bible), “The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, guide, and shield me], I shall not lack.”

In this New Year, as you rise up every day, proclaim this verse and rejoice in faith for the Lord meeting all your needs with His abundant resources. Boldly proclaim that you are no more a loser, a complainer, and a quitter but an overcomer, believer, and a winner.

2010 is your year for living in the breakthrough. It is your year for the manifestation of all that God has promised you in the past.

This is not at all your time to worry. This is your time to bury your worries, stand up and walk in the manifestation of His Word and its abundant blessings.

TBTG joyfully wish you an extraordinary New Year with Christ Jesus.

January 2nd, 2009

2009 can be your year

2009 can be your year

This Can Be Your Year!

Are you wishing for a great new year? Are you just hoping or are you doing some planning? Are you considering your options or waiting for whatever options might come your way? What we really should be asking ourselves at the start of 2009 is what we can do to make it a great year.

We are filled with hopes and dreams and plans at the start of each new year. But a new year in itself holds no magic or power to help us be better. We are accountable for our actions. We are accountable to others. And that means we are responsible for what we do. We are free to make choices and take responsibility for what we choose.

I have always been proud of America as a “can do” nation. Our history pages are filled with examples of Americans who started with little but their own ambition and imagination and who worked hard to build successful lives. We need to preserve our “can do” legacy and protect against a temptation to rely on government programs or other well-intentioned efforts that chip away at our values of self-reliance. We never do anyone a favor by shielding them from accountability and responsibility.

People live in different circumstances and face varying temptations and obstacles. But I believe God has given us talents and free will to make choices. We all are accountable to someone. We all need to take responsibility for our actions. Accountability and responsibility can be a bit daunting to those who feel more comfortable having choices made for them. But taking responsibility for our actions actually liberates us by putting us more in control for improving our lives. You are in the driver’s seat of your life. You can navigate the road ahead and choose which ways to turn and when to stop or proceed.

All of our most common New Year’s resolutions require a choice and responsibility. The smoker needs to choose to quit and snuff out that last cigarette. A resolution to lose weight is a choice to eat a healthier diet and exercise. A better income is a choice to pursue a different career or earn a college degree.

We can wish and hope and wait to see what a new year brings. Or we can choose to be accountable for our actions and responsible for our own lives. We can blame our circumstances or choose to change them. We can hope to be in the right place at the right time or choose to put ourselves there. We can choose to focus on our doubts or on our dreams. Or, to sum it up using the title of one of my speeches, we can “Try or Cry.”

The idea that the start of a new year automatically holds the promise of a brighter future usually leads only to disappointment. The idea that you can choose the start of a new year as a time to take action can begin to create a brighter future. This year, make a choice to be accountable to all those who count on you. Be responsible for how you live today and how you might live better tomorrow. A Happy New Year is a choice you can make.

Author :-

Rich DeVos is the former chairman of Gospel Communications. He is also the author of “Hope From My Heart: Ten Lessons for Life,” co-founder of Amway Corp., and owner and chairman of the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

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