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February 24th, 2012

Lent Video : 40 Days Of Jesus In The Desert

Watch the above Lent Video showing the 40 Days of Jesus in The Desert.

40 illustrations drawn on Lent by illustrator Si Smith are put into a Lent Movie following Jesus’ journey into the wilderness – Forty days with Jesus in the desert. The soundtrack is Revive’s hug. This video also shows the temptations of Jesus in His last days in the desert. Watch it!

You can download the above video from Proost website.

The Story of Jesus in the Desert

The story of Jesus in the desert meets us in many different ways. It is an amazing account of God taking on the feeble form of a created being and experiencing the utter humility of unprotected isolation in barren wilderness. This story has also become our story – part of the glorious history of our family of faith, celebrated each year in the season of Lent. But it is also the very human story of one man carrying the huge burden of his calling, seeking strength to come to terms with the task that lay before him, and refusing to accept the short cuts and compromises offered by the enemy.

40 Days of Jesus in The Desert – Illustrations Explained

1. In a room scented by the smell of sawn timber, a man hears a voice in his inner ear calling him
It is time –
your time, and mine
enough of the mending and making and shaping of wood
time to put aside the tools
the sharp nails…
can wait.

2. While the village still slept, he set his face to the low morning light and followed this beautiful voice
calling him
leading him
drawing him
into wilderness.

3. He did not look back to the comforts of home, but walked on…
into the desert – the place of suffering and desolation, where each rock hid its own danger
every stone could strike at the heel
he walked onwards

4. As he walked he left something of himself behind.
the skin of civilisation was being burnt away by the hot sun
driven away by the wild animals
But in the rhythm of every step was the music of his voice – singing to his soul
It’s your time… and mine.

5. After a time, the desert seemed so big, and he –
so small
A panic rose in him.
It clutched him like a hand at his throat
Who am I?
What am I?
What terrible road lies before me?
Father, my body is weak
I am a drop of water
On a rock
Under the hot desert sun
Soon I will be gone.
still he walked
still he followed
That voice.

6. Dust devils plucked specks from the sand and spat them at his face.
Walk on my Son
This is your time… and mine.

7. He followed the voice into dark canyons carved by raging streams now long dry
and he was grateful to leave behind the dark places
to climb towards light.

8. And from a high place he watched in wonder as the sun sank into the desert sea
He watched as it stained the sand like wine spreading on a table
like blood.

9. As evening fell He looked for a place to rest
The dry desert skies sucked back the warmth from the ground as he lay down his head
And the night creatures were set loose
hungry and wild.

10. A weak morning light filtered into the ravine where he slept and he woke
That restlessness was there still
gnawing at him
calling him on
Now is your time…and mine
Now is your time…and mine

11. Find me O my father
Make me
Take me back to you
My throat is cracked
But thirst is more
For you
My stomach craves
A food that feeds only this –
My soul.
So I walk
Close to falling
To you.

12. At his lowest point, a blessing fell at his feet.
A sound brought him to some rocks, and he peered over into the shade and saw foxes at play.
The cubs left their lair and tripped over each other, nibbling ears and licking fur, oblivious to his presence, at one with all things.
the pure joy of the moment found its way into the very centre of him.
It lit up his soul.
Desert became paradise.
Father came to Son.

13. The joy in his heart could not stay still.
It found its way to his feet
and made a dance!
what a dance!
His sandals beat the dust
and his clothes cracked the air about him.

14. He danced down valleys and over stream beds.
He danced the day long…..
A dance for the hungry and the thirsty
A dance for the broken and hurting
A dance for the widows and the fatherless children
A dance for the lonely and the betrayed
A dance for the poor in spirit and those captives to the night
A dance for those downcast and robbed of hope
A dance for the dying and those left in grief
A dance for those who suffer and need relief
A dance of for grace and love and mercy
A freedom dance…
For all mankind
And as he danced, he drove away the black birds of death and hate and war,
and profiteering and slavery –
evil took to flight.
This day belonged to the dancer –
And the Dance.

15. Exhausted now. Burned up.
The responsibilities of this journey.
The burdens to carry on the way
The foolishness of the dance
And his dreams lay like bleached bones at his feet.

16. The terrible black birds drew near again.
drawn to the sweet smell of carrion
Blown in on the breeze.

17. That night, he stood alone before the moon.
Listening again for the voice
Straining for its music
His face shone with the reflected light.
Sun to moon.
Moon to face.
And he started to hope again.
Now is your time my son.
In you are my hopes – my dreams
In you is everything I am.
In you is all my love, all my mercy, all my grace
Now is your time… and mine.

Lent illustrations from 18-40 also have detailed explanations.
Find the remaining illustrations explained in the 40 Days of Jesus in the Desert PDF 

December 22nd, 2011

Video : How Did Jesus Celebrate Christmas?

Watch the above video clip on how Jesus celebrated Christmas.

Everyone wants Christmas to be meaningful.

But, instead it becomes, shop, shop, shop, credit cards, traffic jams, todo lists, useless gifts,

then off to church, Noel, noel, noel,

Sometimes we are glad just to survive it

Did you know Americans spend 450 billion on Christmas every year.

So we ask? How did Jesus celebrate?

Jeus gave. He gave himself relationally, incarnation, time, space, presence,

presence…Did you see where this is going?

What if you brought fewer gifts,

that sweater she wont like, that random gift certificate,

that toy he doesn’t need, and then instead of buying that gift,

give something valuable like your TIME.

talk, eat, sled, bake, bike, read…TOGETHER.

Make gifts (like when you were a kid)

and remember that money you didn’t spend for gifts,

what if you gave some of it away?

to the poor, the hurting, the lonely, the hungry, the sick, the thirsty.

Lack of clean water kills more people everyday than anything

And here’s the thing:

The estimated cost to make clean water available to everyone is 10 billion

10 billion solve world water problem, 450 billion spent on christmas


In 2006, four churches gave $500,000 to build fresh water wells

In 2007, more churches said Let’s do this thing and 3 million was given.

Thats a lot of love…life all because people $pent

less on gifts and more on relationships

Let’s face it

consumerism != happiness

consumerism != memories

consumerism != meaning

Spend less on gifts

Give more presence

Love like Jesus

It began with worship

It begins with worship

Worship fully

Spend less

Give more

Love All

This is the season of advent

You are free to worship…live…breathe…give…laugh…celebrate…conspire

Enter the story ‘ Advent Conspiracy’ – – –

November 1st, 2011

Video : The Christian Ripple Effect

Watch the inspirational video given above titled The Christian Ripple Effect.

We all know how important it is to talk to others about Christ. But we shouldn’t forget about the impact of how we live our lives as well. Just think, you may never meet the person whose life you helped change.

You can call it the “Ripple Effect” or “Trickle Down Blessings”. It is ultimately Gods’ will that none should perish. He has a plan, and this is a great video to show how sharing Christ, inviting someone to church, pays Eternal dividends! Something to think about the next time someone asks, ‘Why do you wear that cross?’, or ‘What is it about you, you are always happy’? Even though it sometimes seems it is not so, sharing our faith is always a winning situation!

This video makes you realize how sharing Christ with just one person can have a ripple effect and lead so many others to our Lord. Don’t be discouraged if you feel like you sow and never reap! You are sowing what someone else may reap later. No sincere effort is lost!

We have so many opportunities each day to plant seeds in other’s lives in the everyday things we say and do: a smile, a kind word, patience & responding like Christ rather than fleshing out on someone who really deserves it. Can you imagine that day when we stand before the Lord to hear Him say “Well done, Well done indeed!” as He opens our eyes to reveal all those “Nate”s that are in heaven because of us!

From nothing, nothing comes. We must engage, risk, be bold and love unconditionally. Love motivates us to action, open your mouth to share what God has done for you. Don’t wait, this might be your last chance. Live this day as it was your last, knowing that the prize (or treasure) is on the next side of this life.

As christians, sharing Christ to others is an opportunity; a great privilege to honor & glorify God and yet, this is the least that we can do to let the whole world know of Jesus Christ!

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