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First of all, I would like to say something about me.  I am Georgy N Joseph.

I had been a regular sinner, doing all kinds of nasty stuff. I had been like that all through my teenage and beyond. Those ‘nasty stuff’ include all kinds of sins you could probably imagine, ranging from those very simple ones to the most serious things. I just didn’t care about the effects these will have, all along, in my entire life, neglecting the great love of my Heavenly Father. So I was just like the “The Prodigal Son” in the Bible.

But then things changed all of a sudden. One of my friends told me about the new christian lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular now. Yes! He told me about JESUS YOUTH. According to his advice, I attended a few programs of Jesus Youth, JY in short. And what to say, my life took a U-Turn then and there. Now I think I am leading a much better sin-free life.

I would like to share with you all the thoughts that attracted my attention. Although I am a christian, these thoughts are applicable to any human being under the sun.

This site has lots of debatable religious thoughts. You can see articles on the most widely popular misconceptions about which all things are actually sins or not. This site also has separate categories for religious pics, prayers, devotional music, videos, poems, inspirational stories and jokes that will make you think seriously.

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All the money generated from this TBTG website goes to charity.

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