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July 6th, 2008

Prayer of Parents

Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise you for your bounty to choose me to be your representative to my children. Always keep me in this awareness so that I may be highly responsible before you and my children. I accept my children from your hands with gratitude and fear. I thank you so much for these priceless gifts.

Sanctify me so that I can sanctify my children by what I am. Fill my heart with your love so that I may be able to love my children with the supernatural love. Give me the gift of suffering so that I may be willing to take on any suffering to bring up my children. Make me unselfish and deep-rooted in Divine providence, so that I may welcome as many children as God like to entrust me.

(For those who may not have children because of physical unfitness :-
Lord give me the grace to adopt children. Let me love and bring them up for you. Because you are worried about your millions of ‘orphan’ children. Let me satiate your thirst to love them by sacrificing my selfishness. Father I need special grace to have this supernatural love. I am very well aware that it is easier to love one’s own children. With your grace I will love those unloved children. Fill me with supernatural joy, which is the gift for unselfish love.)

Keep my children in holiness. Lead them in right ways. Teach them your ways. Help me to train then in your precepts. Give them wisdom and knowledge. Keep them in good health.

Give me the wisdom to understand the vocation of my children by praying for that intention from the very time of conception (Jer: 1:4-5). Allow me not to become a hindrance for my children’s special calls (to priest hood, religious life). Bless me to help them to discern the state of life to which you call them. Give us the grace to live in such a way so as to join together one day in Heaven and live there in eternity. Amen.

July 6th, 2008

Virgin Mary Assumption Pictures

All the pics above are Virgin Mary Assumption Pictures. Do you know the difference between Assumption and Ascension?

“Assumption” means here “to be taken up” body and soul to Heaven. It is not Ascension, like Jesus, done by his own power, but Assumption done by the power of God. It is something God did for her, not something she did herself. It is a gift of God as a result of Christ’s redemptive power applied to Virgin Mary. The Dogma says, “The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is a singular participation in her Son’s Resurrection”.

The Assumption of Mary was God’s way of finishing the job he started at Mary’s Immaculate Conception, redeeming her body from the effects of sin as well.

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July 5th, 2008

Jesus Christ Wallpaper sized images Set 03

Here are some more pictures of Jesus Christ. These images are of very large dimensions, so they are ideal for setting as wallpapers. More and more pics of Jesus will be uploaded shortly. Click on thumbnails for the original image.

Look at the first picture here. We see many faces of Jesus in that single picture. All of them are full of grace. Hope you noticed it. The other pictures show Jesus talking with lepers and sinners. I love my almighty Jesus Christ. He is my lord and my Saviour.  This is only the third set of Jesus pictures on TBTG site.

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